Welcome, I’m Dave Ursillo.

I believe that self-expression is the source of our personal power; that self-knowledge transforms us into leaders by example in today’s world. I’m here to help you express your life in the ways your soul desires. Learn More »

The Power of Words… in an Age of Endless Noise.

I guide writers, creatives, self-starters and mindfulness enthusiasts into deeper self-knowledge through journaling and personal writing.

My course, Unavoidable Writing, and the group and individual coaching I offer to writers, unlock creative flow and meaningful self-expression, minus the stuckness.

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The Stories We Tell Shape What Our Future Becomes.

I train and coach self-starters, professionals and conscious businesses in how to tell dynamic, emotionally-resonant stories. I also write relationship-building narratives for use across websites, social media profiles and beyond.

If you’d like to learn the art of storytelling as a transformational process of sourcing collective wisdom, and transmuting struggle into service, Story Shine may be for you.

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